Hi, I'm Ingrid.

Welcome to my portfolio, I am a UX/UI designer living in Barcelona with experience designing webs, applications and houses. I’m really empathic with people and I enjoy helping them solving problems through design, I am always looking to learn new things every day.

I am an architect at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, I decided to study architecture to design spaces thinking about people and how they will feel and interact with them. But when I entered the working world I realized that it was much more technical, and that the part of empathy and design were lost.

For me, design makes sense when it helps to improve people’s lives, when it responds to a purpose. That’s why when I discovered the world of user experience I knew it was my path, as it united empathizing and understanding people’s problems when they interact with platforms and helping them through design, to simplify and be able to have a better navigation and interaction, through the ideas, technology and tools we have in our hands to improve their user experience and how we make them feel.

I studied as a UX/UI designer at the Nuclio Digital School and developed Alejandría, an application that helps students find their vocation. I worked to help women entrepreneurs build websites that help them connect with their ideal customer.

My skills are my ability to integrate into multidisciplinary teams, my creativity and curiosity to learn always, my ability to design and define iterations and my empathetic thinking and understanding of what the user needs.

I enjoy traveling and exploring new places, hiking in the mountains and dancing.


Máster digital business – Escuela nómada digital

A programme where I learnt marketing applied to online business. It helped me to have a more global vision and tools to understand the business requirements. 2021-currently

UX/UI Design màster– Nuclio digital school

I learnt the importance of doing much research and always thinking about usability to build a solid solution base. Later, the UX design where we learned how to make wireframes. Finally, designing the prototypes and validating them with the users. June- October 2020

Arquitectura– UPC university

Architecture gave me many tools to design, visualise and outline an idea centred on the importance of people, always thinking about the user’s needs. 2009-2016


UX/UI and web design

Design the website of entrepreneurs to help them connect with their ideal clients.

UX/UI mentor– Nuclio digital school

I’d helped the students in the process of researching and understanding the needs of the users by doing desktop research and quantitative and qualitative studies. 2021

Arquitecta– SPG

Creating spaces thinking about the clients’ user experience, how they will feel, and how life will be in the different rooms. 2017-2020




User research




Usability test

Guias de estilo

Design thinking